* Salon Pro Hair Food Argan Oil Formula feeds each hair strand with life restoring Moroccan Argan Oil. Each strand is enclosed in a protective shield of reparative proteins, nutrients and vitamins which help restore dry, brittle, damaged hair to an optimal healthy condition. The hair will go from lifeless, dry and dull to luxurious, shiny and healthy.* Salon Pro Hair Food Carrot Oil Formula is fortified with Jojoba Oil which makes it a highly concentrated vitamin rich treatment which adds inner strength to hair that has been weakened or damaged. This unique botanical blend of natural oils, vitamins, reparative proteins and conditioners goes straight to where help is needed. After one therapeutic treatment the hair is left healthier and stronger, the scalp is moisturized and breakage and shedding begins to cease. The Jojoba Oil helps moisturize the scalp without a heavy build-up as the hair is left healthy-looking with the proper oil-moisture balance.

* Salon Pro Hair Food Beeswax Formula is made with a special blend of vitamins and oils designed to help with dry, damaged hair and sensitive scalps. This unique blend of vitamins and oils adds moisture while supporting a healthy environment for maximum hair growth.

* Salon Pro Hair Food Coconut Oil Formula is a combination of natural Plant derived oils (Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil) and natural nutrients which have been used over the ages for their beneficial effects. The concentrated natural coconut oil is excellent for all textures of hair including braids, extensions, chemically-treated and natural styles. It delivers a smoothing and moisturizing benefit that helps promote hair growth by reducing loss of keratin from the hair. The special blend of the plant derived oils aids the scalp and hair by restoring the proper oil-moisture balance to dry parched hair to help promote healthier, stronger, shinier hair.

* Salon Pro Hair Food Vitamin E Formula is a lanolin-enriched treatment which repairs and strengthens hair that has been weakened or damaged by chemicals, thermal styling, or even everyday hair grooming. This blend of natural oils, reparative proteins and conditioners penetrates easily into the hair shaft to give it needed moisture and shine. Each strand is strengthened with keratin, the protein which is the building block of hair and Vitamin E which helps quench dry, itchy scalps and helps restore a proper oil-moisture balance to the hair.


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